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Comedy Movies - Zombie Honeymoon

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Tracy Coogan, Graham Sibley, Tonya Cornelisse
Written and directed by Dave Gebroe
Fabrication Films / Hooligan Pictures
VVS Films 2006
83 minutes plus extras

Stand by your zombie seems to be the message of this very funny, high-quality independent comedy B-movie. Zombie Honeymoon is the low-budget independent movie done right. The actors, Tracy Coogan, Graham Sibley, Tonya Cornelisse, are excellent and nobody in the supporting cast seems to have gotten a role because they know writer director Dave Gebroe or put some money up for this project. This is a tight, well-made comedy horror that always entertains and only shows its small budget constraints in an exterior scene where the time of day each sequential shot was filmed tends to vary (such as at the beginning of the movie when Denise drives to the supermarket and the sun is either at high noon or almost setting and then high noon again when she gets home) although this is really nitpicking and in no way detracts from enjoying Zombie Honeymoon.

Zombie Honeymoon begins when newlyweds Denise and Danny (Tracy Coogan and Graham Sibley) spend their honeymoon on the Jersey shore -go figure. While they are lying in the sun at the local beach a creature comes out of the ocean and jumps Danny. Danny is rushed to the hospital, declared dead, and then wakes up again just as the doctor is giving Denise the terrible news. Later on, when Denise comes back from the grocery store where she has picked up the fixings for a candlelight supper only to find her vegetarian boyfriend feasting on a local jogger, she knows something is wrong. Denise seems to have more problems coping with the fact Danny has jumped off the vegetarian bandwagon than the fact he is a flesh-eating zombie.

Denise and Danny try very hard to keep things together (pun intended) until they can fly off to Portugal and start a new life together. Unfortunately, Danny is getting worse and crosses the line the night before their plane is scheduled to leave. This is where the movie loses its comedic tones and goes straight for the horror.

Zombie Honeymoon works because the gradually scarier and scarier parts are scary and you really get jolted when Danny decides to lunch on somebody. The special effects are top notch here and you never get the feeling the crew is using fake blood and animal parts. At the same time, this is also a well-written, intentionally funny movie and actors Tracy Coogan and Graham Sibley are comfortable switching from one genre to another

Independent film experts will enjoy the scene where an irate video club customer returns a copy of The Homeboy (Gebroe's first movie) only to be eaten by Danny as he leaves the store.

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