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Comedy Movies - Yours, Mine And Ours 2005

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Denis Quaid, Rene Russo,
A bunch of cute child actors
Directed by Raja Gosnell
MGM Home Entertainment 2006
90 minutes

It is well known that 2005 was the year Hollywood's imagination went bankrupt (to join all the other kinds of bankruptcies Hollywood is famous for) and remade just about every comedy under the sun and a few TV situation comedies to boot most of which went straight to DVD. Though the most atrocious remake trophy has to go to The Honeymooners, the least annoying is the remake of the Lucille Ball / Henry Fonda 1968 comedy classic Yours, Mine And Ours.

Denis Quaid, although not a great comedic actor, is pretty decent as Frank Beardsley while Rene Russo does what she can with a very busy script that telegraphs a lot of her character right from the start. In this politically correct world, the North family is now made up of a bunch of adopted kids from every corner of the world and this is quickly explained away. Linda Hunt is totally wasted as housekeeper Mrs. Munion.

The Yours, Mine And Ours plot is simple. Mr. Beardsley with 8 kids meets Mrs. North, his high school sweetheart, who has 10 kids of her own. They immediately get married and then try to blend these two very diverse families together. Of course, the straight-laced Beardsley kids do not take to the crunchy granola North kids, and, of course, the story forces them to join forces at first to split their parents up and then to get them together again.

There are so many plot holes in Yours, Mine And Ours that after a while you simply give up trying to understand anything and just let the movie flow. Although this remake of Yours, Mine And Ours lost one of the best scenes of the original where Lucille Ball gets blottoed, the writers at least did not simply redo the original and, instead, used the premise for some new hijinks.

Yours, Mine And Ours is not a bad little comedy DVD

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