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Funny Books - Other Coast - Adrian Raeside

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An Other Coast Collection
Adrian Raeside
Andrews McMeel Publishing 2005
128 pages

This Is Your First Rock Garden Isn' t It is the second collection of Other Coast comic strips by Adrian Raeside. It is different from other syndicated comics in that the characters are region specific, the west coast, there are many one-off characters, and it features environmental activists, embezzlers, crunchy granola weirdo vegans, and both talking humans and talking animals.

Based on This Is Your First Rock Garden Isn' t It? Other Coast is a decent but not necessarily immediately go to strip. I find Adrian Raeside' s strip a bit too unfocused, the art somewhat ordinary in that it doesn' t stand out from other strips and doesn' t (yet?) have its own distinct personality. At the same time, there are quite a few funny gags and jokes in this collection and some recurring panels featuring various reviews of the latest CD by resident band The Noserings including one I wish I had written: The Noserings CD has a unique sound made when I ran their CD through the paper shredder.(p. 27).

Perhaps I am not too impressed by this collection because a couple of the comic panels are either very Far Side by Gary Larson and so pale by comparison, or because I sometimes get the impression I have already seen or read that joke in another strip. Still, the gags about Toulose being a failed yet self-published writer and the vegan dude are usually pretty funny as are, sometimes, the comic panels related to work issues.

An Other Coast is new to me. Perhaps I would have liked it better had I been more familiar with it but, still, there is still that feeling it is a strip still in search of its definitive voice

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