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TV & sitcom DVDs - Grosse Pointe - The Complete series

Grosse Pointe The Complete Series
Irene Molloy, Al Santos, Lindsay Sloan,
Bonnie Sommerville
WB Network 2000
2 DVDs
17 episodes
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2006


Grosse Pointe ran for seventeen episodes on the WB in 2000 and I missed it. Then again, it was probably pushed as a teen soap opera sitcom and if there are two things I hate it is soap operas and shows for teens. Grosse Pointe The Complete Series DVD , however, I kind of enjoyed. Imagine being behind the scenes and on the set of Beverly Hills 90210 and you got the premise of this show: The series follows the lives of the various actors on a hit teen soap titled Grosse Pointe.

I am sure there are a lot of barbs directed at 90210 but since I didn't watch that I probably missed most of them. Still, the character named Quentin, who looks like Luke Perry, has a secret: he is going bald and wears a rug on the show. The character types are immediately made clear in the pilot episode of Grosse Pointe. Hunter (Irene Molloy) is the princess bitch (as in Shannen Doherty's character), Johnny Bishop (Al Santos) is the hot boy toy teen, Marcy (Lindsay Sloan, who kind of looks like a brunette version of well-known thespian Tori Spelling) is the insecure about everything actress everybody manipulates by telling her she is not doing well or her character is going to be written off and so on, and Courtney (Bonnie Sommerville) is the fresh off the Arizona turnip truck and the actress who goes around asking everybody "What's my motivation in this scene?" and other acting school stuff. Add to this that the character who plays Johnny's father in the show has the hots for his TV son and you got yourself a decent little show.

The writers on Grosse Pointe sure have fun with the stereotypes of the soap opera genre and of Hollywood teen stars. For example this scene in the show's show where Hunter is in the hospital after a car crash:  Mom: There was a baby. You lost it.  / Hunter: I'm sorry, Mom, I lose everything. Or episode two where Hunter is caught on tape shoplifting again, goes shopping with Courtney and Marcy, Courtney gets caught with an item Hunter put in her bag, and Marcy cops to doing it. There are also many moments where the show's producers and actors take a crack at their supposed competition like Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, Dawson's Creek, and Sarah Michelle Gellar (this is especially true in the Halloween episode). Strangely enough, Sarah Michelle Gellar is a guest star in the Passion Fish Episode. They also poke fun at the network the show is on when the producer says, "It's the WB, everyone is sexy."

Favorite episode on Grosse Pointe The Complete Series has to be Satisfaction where Marcy's characters has an orgasm in the show but the actress playing Marcy does not have the life experience to do the scene. The girls take her out to a sex shop to get her some battery-operated help. They get recognized outside the store which leads Marcy to say, "I'm too famous to have an orgasm!"

Grosse Pointe The Complete Series is a fun enough show to watch.


Episode list:


Pilot Thieves Like Us

Prelude To A Kiss

Devil In A Blue Dress


Mommy Dearest

Sleeping With The Ennemy


Boys On The Side


Puppet Master

Star Wars

Bare Naked In America

Secrets & Lies

End Of The Affair (with Kristin Davis)

Opposite Of Sex (with Jason Priestley)

Passion Fish (with Sarah Michelle Gellar)

My Best Friend's Wedding (with Dweezil Zappa)

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