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Funny Books - Rugrats Volume 2

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Rugrats Volume 2
A Baby's Work Is Never Done
Scott Roberts and others
Andrews McMeel Publishing 2005
128 pages

I really dislike Rugrats the comic strip version and A Baby's Work Is Never Done. Not that the strip is not funny, it is sometimes, not that it is not well drawn, it is, not that the characters are not interesting, they are for the most part, but I have great difficulty reading a basically for the kids, family oriented newspaper funny pages strip where the characters butcher the English language just because it is cute and endearing to read them do it.

The fact Rugrats the strip is a by-product of the very successful Nickelodeon cartoon franchise and, so, not an original strip also grates. Granted, it is not the first time newspapers choose to print the syndicated comic version of a cartoon or film character (think The Shadow a long time ago, Popeye, Donald Duck, and so on) but it is not like there was a want of good strips out there. Then again, A Baby's Work Is Never Done is, to be honest, a decent collection of Rugrats comics.

For those of you who are not familiar with this cartoon (i.e. those happy folks who do not suffer from having to sing along to Fred Penner or Raffi each and every time you get in the minivan) Rugrats features characters such as Angelica, the very precocious three year old, her brother Chuckie -no relation to the horror movie character, trust me--, baby twins Lil and Phil, Kimi, and Tommy. This is a very successful franchise style cartoon and the strip is yet another incarnation of it.

Unfortunately, I have to admit, all allergies aside, that this is a decent strip. The artwork by Scott Roberts, Gary Fields, Tim Harkins, and Vince Giarrano is very good and the jokes are for the most part fun to read. Particularly good in A Baby's Work Is Never Done is the series of two-panel strips around the Rugrats 10th anniversary where you get the now and ten year from now observation

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