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Funny Books - In Shark Years I'm Dead - Jim Toomey

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In Shark Years I?m Dead
Sherman's Lagoon Turns Fifteen
Jim Toomey
Andrews McMeel 2006
256 pages

I am not quite sure if In Shark Years I'm Dead Sherman's Lagoon Turns Fifteen is a greatest hits collection or the anthology of two previous Sherman's Lagoon comic strip books (I'm betting the former). It's not really important (unless you are an avid Sherman's Lagoon fan and want to make sure you are not buying the two previous collections put together in one volume) as this is a very good collection of the daily comic strip by Jim Toomey about the underwater adventures of Sherman, wife Megan, Hawthorne the scheming, nudist crab, and Fillmore the turtle.

Sherman's Lagoon is an original comic strip and In Shark Years I'm Dead more than proves it. Jim Toomey has created a seabed of interesting characters that are basic types, such as the dumb and always hungry couch potato husband, and yet original and endearing enough that you can relate and want to know more. Sherman's Lagoon is a nice, family friendly comic strip yet there are quite a few strips whose humor is both dark and viciously funny.

Some of that humor comes at the expense of the humans and surfers Sherman and his wife prey on from time to time. Some of it comes because this comic strip shark has a tendency to eat whatever creature comes too close to him around feedin' time and it is always feedin' time. Then again, Toomey is not afraid of a few bad puns as when Sherman and Megan take a Carnivore Cruise and have the baby babysat on the "poop deck".

Personal favorite in In Shark Years I'm Dead, Sherman's Lagoon Turns Fifteen, is the strip where Sherman interviews Charlie the Tuna and learns the company offers a retirement package. To quote Charlie, "You can be packaged in oil, you can be packaged in watuh." Another is when Megan, Sherman's wife, is pregnant and heard having morning sickness though it is attributed to a reaction to Regis.

In Shark Years I'm Dead, Sherman's Lagoon Turns Fifteen is a lot of fun

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