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Comedy Movies - Dave Barry's Complete Guide To Guys The Movie

BUY The Complete Guide To Guys The Movie (dvd cover)
Dave Barry, John Cleese, Christina Moore
Lochlyn Munro, Khalil Kain
Directed by Jeff Arch
VVS Films 2006
83 minutes

Dave Barry's Complete Guide To Guys The Movie is an absolutely hilarious dead-on comedy movie now available on DVD. Just this close to a real documentary, it is really a mockumentary about what it is to be a guy. This is an easy to watch, very entertaining comedy that comes as close to a perfect book-to-screen adaptation as you will ever get. And, as Dan Marino points out in the credits, this comedy is just the right length.

Dave Barry's Complete Guide To Guys The Movie presents itself as a series of chapters hosted by Miami columnist and humor book writer Dave Barry. He explores the history of mankind with a few asides devoted to womankind such as when they came up with "the stare". Chapters include such profound topics as Guys vs. Men, Guy Violence, Guys in the Workplace, Guy Feelings, Guys In Love, and, something that no woman will ever understand even if she watches this great comedy: Guys and the public restroom.

Dave Barry, who always wears the same exact shirt throughout the movie in a great guy gesture, is a very genial host who sets up various situations for Lochlyn Munro as Roger the boyfriend and Christina Moore as Elaine the girlfriend. They are assisted in their various recreations of important guy moments by a few other couples such as Gene and Kelly (Khalil Kain and Megan Ward).

A great joy to watch in this comedy DVD is John Cleese as a series of real genuine scientific experts. Director Jeff Arch really knew how to use this great comedian to his fullest potential and Cleese is great fun to watch here.

Dave Barry's Complete Guide To Guy The Movie is the kind of comedy DVD that proves men have more of a sense of humor than women: there was nary a cry from any men's group after the women in this movie compared med to a big stupid dog or a tapeworm and the latter came out better. If men thought about it for a while and were sensitive they would probably offended by some of the comments the women make about them but, hey, we're not so this is a really great comedy.

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