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Comedy Reviews - CD - The DooWops - Almost Nearly Recognizable


The DooWops
Almost Nearly Recognizable
Independent Release Comedy Song CD
60 Minutes

The DooWops are John Catucci and Dave Mesiano (and no he does not have a messiah complex), two Canadian musicians and songwriters whose forte is the funny song. Almost Nearly Recognizable is a live comedy song CD or DVD recorded in front of a live and appreciate hometown audience at the Rivoli. The DooWops were part of the Just For Laughs 2005 sponsored tour and listening to their funny song CD you immediately understand why they were picked for something like that.

Almost Nearly Recognizable is two guys on guitars singing a funny song. Other funny song CDs may have more orchestration but doing it live and keeping it simple works for John Catucci and Dave Mariano. Song wise this is a very solid independent release CD. The DooWops write very funny songs and their voices together make for great harmonization. Internet Gigolo is a very well-written song that is also very humorous. I particularly enjoyed Tourette Syndrome Blues for its original topic, sense of humour, and actually bluesy feel (many funny song writers call a tune something blues but have no idea what a blues tune sounds like).

Crazy Woman would be right at home on country western radio and shows the versatility of The DooWops. Peanut Butter is not the kind of comic tune you want to share with the kiddies. I did not enjoy it that much because one of the DooWops tells a totally unrelated story in the middle of it. That's How I Roll, about going out and picking up chicks, is not bad and sounds like a weird ballad. Hot Dog Man, about a street vendor, is quite good but not as entertaining as earlier songs.

Wake Me Up is another good funny song though a bit sophomoric. I was less impressed with I'm Only Friends With You; it is a neat idea for a song but felt unpolished. Also not bad and definitely for a college style audience is Haircut.

The weak point of Almost Nearly Recognizable by The DooWops is they talk too much. Half of this independent release comic song CD is Catucci or Mesiano doing some patter between funny tunes and they are not that good at it. Either it is because it if from the top of their heads and so not that interesting or it is rehearsed talk and they need to tighten things up.

Of the twenty-three tracks on Almost Nearly Recognizable, only half are comic songs. I ended up wishing for more music and less talk.

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