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Funny Books - Mom - This Joke's For You

Mom This Joke’s For You
The Best Mom Jokes From The Best Comedians
Edited by Judy Brown
Ronnie Sellers Productions
96 pages

Mom - This Joke's For You shows that when it comes to putting together a joke book, Judy Brown is probably the most capable editor out there. Like its companion book Dad - This Joke's For You and a few other similar releases, this joke book focuses on a particular topic, in this case jokes about mom and jokes for mom. The book features the who's who of stand-up comedy and a few others you probably never heard of. If you want a gift for mom, Mom - This Joke's For You is a great Mother's Day present as well as a great present for mom's birthday.

This joke book is divided in six different sections of mom jokes: Moms To Be ... Or Not To Be, They Call It Labor For A Reason, Mommy Dearest, When I'm In My Grave You'll Be Sorry, Domestic Goddess -borrowing Roseanne Barr's title-and Mom - This Joke's For you. Of course, no collection of jokes about mom would be complete without quotes from great female stand-up comics like Wendy Liebman (where's your CD, Wendy?), Rita Rudner, Joan Rivers, and, of course, Phyllis Diller and ubermom Erma Bombeck.

Do not be afraid of giving Mom - This Joke's For You to your mother. Even the most church going mom will enjoy this gift as all the mother jokes here are as funny as they are clean. There are a few mom jokes here you might not enjoy as much as possible if you do not know who penned it such as "My mother's house: the Sufferdome" by Richard Lewis but even the more esoteric sources, such as Bonnie Cheeseman, have very funny jokes about mom here such as "When I miss my mom and her guilt trips, I watch PBS pledge breaks."

If you know an expecting mom, Mom - This Joke's For You makes a great baby shower gift. If you are feeling generous or have some pity for the poor dad to be the companion volume, Dad - This Joke's For You will be a very appreciated gift too.

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