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Funny Books - The Crack 2007 Calendar

The Crack Calendar 2007
Eric Decetis
7 X 7
Ronnie Sellers Productions

Though I am not quite sure what is the appropriate environment for The Crack Calendar 2007 with cartoons by Eric Decetis, I am certain this funny calendar will get a reaction. I know because I've shown it to a couple of people who laughed, went "Oh, God!", and "Euwww" as they paged through this 12-month 2007 calendar. See what your reaction is to this selection from The Crack Calendar 2007, it is my personal favorite.

Perhaps the right place for this small, 7 X 7 2007 funny calendar is a plumber's office and the right person is the guy who makes a service call at your house. One thing is certain is this 2007 calendar by Eric Decetis from Ronnie Sellers Productions (home of really cool stuff by the way) is not something that, in these politically correct days and in a world were everybody gets offended by the mere possibility something might be in slightly questionable taste, you can safely hang in your office cubicle.

I do not often see a funny calendar where the cartoons include some nudity but The 2007 Crack Calendar by funny cartoonist Eric Decetis features a couple of panels with characters au naturel, one letting it all hang out.

If you liked The Far Side, if, like myself, you love Close To Home, you will really enjoy this funny calendar by Eric Decetis. If someone in your family is a repairman, you will crack him or her up with this calendar.

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