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Comedy Reviews - CD - Carlos Mencia - This Is Carlos Mencia: Spanglish

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Carlos Mencia
This Is Carlos Mencia: Spanglish
Comedy CD
Warner Brothers Nashville / Jack Records 2006

For some years now, a growing contingent of Hispanic-Americans - mostly Mexicans - after the lack of opportunities to survive caused by continuing impoverishment of their country due to the complicity between the Mexican and North American authorities, have crossed the border searching for better life conditions and finding the so well known American nightmare which forces them to live in marginalization. This is what lies beneath the humor of This Is Carlos Mencia: Spanglish, Mencia's latest comedy CD

As generations have gone by, this community has realized that it doesn't belong anymore to its original Hispanic culture or to the North American one where it's installed. Searching for an identity where to insert itself, it created its own and decided to call themselves: Chicanos, Latinos, Hispanics or Beaners in Mencía's own words, referring to their common food. This is This Is Carlos Mencia: Spanglish is about.

And so, this community has elaborated its owns cultural codes to the point where they created their own language - Spanglish - which is every time more autonomous form its original languages as is proven by its music, its literature and its popular creations among which one of the most outstanding because of its enormous strength is  comedian Carlos Mencía as evident on his stand-up comedy CD This I Carlos Mencia: Spanglish

Born from an Honduran father and a Mexican mother, his demolishing, caustic irreverent and unforgiving humor - which is to say joyfully subversive and of excellent craftsmanship - unmasks the double discourses with which his people are victimized as well as the inside of his own community, without ever forgetting his "Minorities united" which he never forgets to underline whenever in front of a black audience: "You know who's gonna build New Orleans? My people. There's gonna be a Mexican Blues, you'll see."

Mencía is becoming more and more the unofficial voice of the North American Spanish speaking population, each time less silent and more influential in the Northern Colossus' destiny, through his continuous television appearances, CD and DVD recordings, tours, and his weekly cable program.

Carlos Mencia is, undoubtedly, a phenomenon which is worth closely following to joyfully understand the evolution of the largest minority in Uncle Sam's house. This Is Carlos Mencia: Spanglish is a comedy CD that allows you to understand a bit of it.

Dr Mario Humberto Zamora Del Cueto PhD.

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