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Comedy Reviews - CD - Mike The Deadbeat

Be Fine Productions
Independent Release

Not my cup of tea. Perhaps it is due to the sound of taped conversations between Mike the deadbeat and credit card companies, his landlord, the phone company and the other people he owes money to. For folks who like funny phone calls or crank calls, Mike the Deadbeat is probably something they will enjoy and the reason why they will overlook the audio quality, the bleeps, and Mike going hooha sometimes. For others, this independent release comedy CD is neat but does not survive more than one listening.

Granted, there is a storyline on Mike the deadbeat having to do with how much of a hole Mike has dug himself into and how readily various companies are willing to extend credit or payment time even if it is obvious there is no way they will ever see a dime from this guy. More amazing is that credit card companies are more than willing to send Mike a credit card with outrageous fees for opening the file, opening the account, a monthly fee and so on so that you end up owing more money than you can actually charge on the card. If you know someone in financial straights, this would definitely not be a good gag gift to give. If you want a decent laugh this comedy CD ain't bad but does not hold interest.

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