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Funny Books - Uncle John's Bathroom Reader - Uncle John's Bathroom Reader - Wonderful World of Odd


Wonderful World of Odd
Uncle Johnís Bathroom Reader
Bathroom Reader Institute 2007
321 pages

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Wonderful World of Odd is a title that pretty much explains what it is. This is a bathroom reader, one or two pages articles, about some rather odd facts, news, events, numbers, and so on. What makes the Uncle John Bathroom Reader books work is the research and the originality of some of the topics and The Wonderful World of Odd most certainly features factoids about some very odd stuff.

The Wonderful World of Odd includes short reads on weird movies and bizarre TV shows -well, pilots really, strange games such as chessboxing (it's exactly what you think it is) and life size Pac-Man played over a few city blocks. Of course no bathroom reader about weird stuff is complete without stuff about flying saucers and UFOs but even weirder is reading about some of the very strange tricks spy agencies and various armies have come up with like cats trained to electronically eavesdrop on potential spies and dead exploding rats.

A very, very few of the odd facts in Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Wonderful World of Odd are repeats, such as the story of the guy who paid a little old ladies' rent in the hope of getting her condo only to be outlived by her.

I particularly enjoyed the short read on weird toys of yesteryear, David Icke, soccer player, lecturer, Green Party spokesperson, and real crazy guy, and the great London smog of 1952.

Also fun, and then again everything in Wonderful World of Odd is fun to read, are the sections on bizarre sports injuries, the strange stuff in the Mutter museum, and features shown by the bad film society.

If you know someone who likes books with lots of strange or funny stories and weird but very interesting factoids you can never go wrong with an Uncle John's Bathroom Reader and the Wonderful World of Odd is a lot of fun to read and read again.

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