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Comedy Reviews - CD - Flip Schultz - Just A One Mic Stand

Just A One Mic Stand
Flip Schultz
Just A One Mic Stand
Independent Release Comedy CD
70 minutes including bonus tracks
Buy at the comic's website

You'll flip for the Flip Schultz comedy CD Just A One Mic Stand. Schultz is an original stand-up comic and he proves it again on his latest independent release. He is the only comic I know who does jokes about the mating habits of bug and he  does not even need to set it up with the premise of supposedly having watched the Discovery Channel. The Love Bug is the kind of routine you make your friends listen to. It is when they ask you if they can borrow the CD that you mention Flip Schultz also does more adult oriented material and they should get their own damn copy because you do not want to lose Just A One Mic Stand

Also excellent on Just A One Mic Stand is the relationship material by this self-proclaimed single guy. He has a very interesting simile about women to explain unexplainable to his eleven year old cousin. His routine on the role of the penis in a man's life is, again, original and really good. Being the kind of person who would bitch about the quality of the wine Jesus turned from water, I wish he had done more with the getting caught by his dad while making Mr. Happy ecstatic.

Flip Schultz is also good at riffing with the audience but having someone show up in a camouflage prom dress had to be a gift from the comedy god. He more than proves his chops later on when a comment from an audience member segues very elegantly in a really good MySpace bit including a great time traveling heckler moment that, again, I wish had been expanded. I know I am asking for a lot considering Just A One Mic Stand clocks in at 70 minutes

Most of the bonus tracks on this independent release stand-up comedy CD, being moments where Schultz has fun with audience members, are also excellent. I am less impressed with the couple of tracks where there's a musical number and the radio interview bit but that's just me and my personal taste.

Flip Schultz Just A One Mic Stand makes you wish he'd stay for breakfast. I know you'll invite him back.

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