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Baby Mama [Comedy Movies]: Single gal gets surrogate mother and becomes surrogate mother

Baby On Board Blu-ray [Comedy Movies]: Mean spirited, badly written, awful wannabe romantic comedy.

Baby Teeth (2003) [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very good sometimes adult audience but not crude stand-up

Bachelor Party Vegas [Comedy Movies]: A comedy for teen boys

Back From Hell -A Tribute to Sam Kinison [Stand-up DVD ]: A clip show with commentary from various comics. Good stuff.

Back Home DVD [Stand-up DVD ]: Brilliant, great, wonderful, and so on stand-up comedy DVD by comic wordsmith

Back to the Drawing Board [Comedy Reviews - CD]: The usual Lampanelli stuff and not more than that.

Back To You - Season One [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Short-lived situation comedy might have become pretty good.

Bad Santa aka Badder Santa [Comedy Movies]: Great black comedy for the anti Christmas folks

Bad Teacher [Comedy Movies]: Slacker teacher works harder to get $ for boob job

Balls Out - Gary the Tennis Coach [Comedy Movies]: Washed out tennis semi-pro becomes high school tennis team coach while being as crude as possible. Not bad.

Bananas [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Well, somebody?s finally done it: Somebody has managed to insert an infomercial or two on a comedy CD. They have the gall to call this an enhanced CD.

Bananas [Stand-up DVD ]: great ventriloquist DVD

Bananas Act 2 [Stand-up DVD ]: More great stand-up by the best relationship comic in the business if you choose correctly on the menu

Bananas DVD [Stand-up DVD ]: You get all of his older best stuff on this stand-up comedy DVD.

Bandits [Comedy Movies]: Fun little crime comedy with the great Billy Bob Thornton

Bangs! [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Fun CD by the host of NPRs Ask Me Another

Barney Miller - The First Season DVD Set [TV & sitcom DVDs]: 2 DVD set shows this seventies sitcom survived very well indeed.

Barney Miller The Complete Second Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: 22 episodes of classic TV situation comedy. Great stuff

Barney Miller The Complete Third Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Season 3 of the classic cop shop situation comedy.

Barrel Fever in The Ultimate David Sedaris Box Set [Funny Books]: The lesser of the Sedaris audio book CD sets in this collection.

Bath Time With Tommy Ryman [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very enjoyable lightweight stand-up

Bathroom Wall [Comedy Reviews - CD]: A coaster

BBC Comedy on DVD [Articles]: Some of our favorite BBC TV comedy available on DVD this side of the pond.

Be Cool [Comedy Movies]: Vince Vaughn aside, Be Cool is quite enjoyable

Be Kind Rewind [Comedy Movies]: The last 10 minutes are good. The rest is eyegougingly bad.

Be Kind, Rewind [Comedy Movies]: 2 video store clerks remake the movies they rent in this Jack Black comedy

Beautiful [Stand-up DVD ]: Still not impressive comedy but at least she stopped screaming.

Beauty and the Briefcase [Comedy Movies]: Fun romantic comedy with Hilary Duff

Beauty Shop - Queen Latifah and Alicia Silverstone [Comedy Movies]: a happening more than a movie

Because I Said So [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Overall, a very solid performance.

Beer Hall Putsch [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent. Stanhope has something to say and makes it funny too. One of the best releases of 2013

Beerfest [Comedy Movies]: Pretty good beer drinking comedy now on DVD

Beerfest - Warner Brothers Press Release [Comedy Movies]:

Before They Were Kings Volume 1 [Stand-up DVD ]: a comedy Dvd featuring some old sets has not aged a bit.

Before They Were Kings Volume 2 [Stand-up DVD ]: an interesting though not a must have stand-up comedy DVD.

Before Turning The Gun On Himself ... - Brett Watson review [Comedy Reviews - CD]: This reviewer also says this comedy CD is Stanhope s best to date

Before Turning The Gun On Himself... [Comedy Reviews - CD]: His best comedy CD yet and also his most approachable.

Beige [Comedy Reviews - CD]: 15 really funny song CD by a great comedy group

Being Adam Hunter [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Decent first comedy CD.

Being Ian - Hurry For Hollywood [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Will appeal to all ages but the mother / reviewer has a reservation.

Being There - Blu-ray [Comedy Movies]: Wonderful movie now on Blu-ray but not much in terms of extras.

Belgium- Aaltra [Foreign Comedy]: Wheelchair road movie. If that's not enough to intrigue you, what is? Great black comedy

Believe - The Eddie Izzard Story [Comedy Movies]: Bioraphical stand-up comedy documentary of minor interest even for fans.

Believement [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent family and marriage based comedy but a couple of F words here and there too for those who care.

Ben Bailey Blvd [Comedy Reviews - CD]: This is a good comedy CD that unfortunately suffers from its very average sound quality.

Benders - Thursdays 10:00 IFC - Premieres Oct 1st 2015 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Sitcom about four guys playing in a division 8 amateur hockey league.

Bengt Over In Europe [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent stand-up about living overseas and such.

Benny Hill - The Lost Years [TV & sitcom DVDs]: early Benny Hill which means that you have to listen closely

Benson - The Complete First Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Situation comedy with Robert Guillaume is still good fun.

Best Friends Forever - Premieres April 4th 8:30 CTV TWO [Articles]: This sitcom will last only the 6 episodes the network ordered.

Best of Montreal Comedy [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Good variety pack of up-and-coming Montreal comics

Best Of Oblivious [TV & sitcom DVDs]: candid camera television comedy anyone a liberal mindset will enjoy

Best of Saturday Night Live - 2010 Reissue [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Reissue has 20 minutes worth of new extra features

Beta Male [Comedy Reviews - CD]: New and refreshing stand-up.

Better Left Unsaid [Stand-up DVD ]: They do not come edgier than Darren Frost.

Better, Stronger, Faster - Album 1 of 12 [Comedy Reviews - CD]: First of 12 comedy albums in 12 months plan

Betty White's Off Their Rockers - Premieres April 4th 8:00 CTV TWO [Articles]: Candid Camera meets Just For Laughs Gags with old folks as pranksters.

Between the Laughter - CBC Newsworld June 17 2008 10:00 [Articles]: Deaf guy wants to be stand-up comic. Good NFB documentary.

Bewitched - Will Ferrel and Nicole Kidman [Comedy Movies]: Not much magic but not a bad little comedy

Bewitched Season 8 - Final Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Last season of this classic sixties situation comedy makes for family friendly viewing.

Bewitched Season Two [TV & sitcom DVDs]: A situation comedy classic fun for the whole family

Bewitched The Complete Series [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Still funny after all these years.

Beyond The Pale [Stand-up DVD ]: for people who like clean but adult oriented comedy

Beyond The Pale - Comedy CD [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Jim Gaffigan on food under all its aspects and more. Solid stuff.

Big Fan [Comedy Movies]: Not a comedy but Oswalt is great in this movie about sports fandom

Big Funny [Blue Collar Comedy]: Shows why Jeff Foxworthy is the top-selling stand-up comedian of all time

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son [Comedy Movies]: Decent enough sequel comedy with Martin Lawrence

Big Room - Album 2 of 12 [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Pretty good clean comedy

Big Time Comedian [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Not necessarily family fare mind you but clean.

Big Trouble - Tim Allen [Comedy Movies]: great comic mystery popcorn fare

Bigfoot - The Space Channel June 30th at 9 PM [Comedy Movies]:

Bigger And Blacker [Comedy Reviews - CD]: terrible, lousy, godawful, real crap,

Bigger and Blackerer - CD version [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very good, smart, and out of the ordinary stand-up comedy.

Bigger and Blackerer - DVD version [Stand-up DVD ]: Decent enough DVD

Bigger Than Jesus [Live Comedy]: Montreal's Just For Laughs Festival has a sure fire festival hit on its hands with Bigger Than Jesus appearing at Montreal?s Centaur Theatre until July 24, 05. Bigger Than Jesus is a journey of light (July 2005).

Bigger Than Jesus - Rick Miller [Live Comedy]: Rick Miller describes it as: "Taking the Jesus story and exploding it."

Bigger Than You [Stand-up DVD ]: Excellent and clean stand-up comedy with a superb bit about being in the high school band.

Bill And Ted's Bogus Journey [Comedy Movies]: Almost as excellent as Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure [Comedy Movies]: Be excellent to yourself and get this great comedy

Bill and Ted's Most Excellent Collection [Comedy Movies]: a most excellent box set.

Bill Cosby - Just For Laughs 2006 [Live Comedy]: A giant show by the giant of comedy

Bill Cosby - Montreal, July 25th 2009 [Live Comedy]: This comedy giant is still a giant.

Bill Cosby Is A Funny Fellow, Right! [Comedy Reviews - CD]: probably the Bill Cosby album or comedy cd everyone is most familiar contains his classic and memorable Noah bit comprised of Noah: Right! Noah: And The Neighbor, and Noah: Me And You, Lord.

Bill Engvall's New All Stars Of Comedy [Blue Collar Comedy]: recommended for any fan of comedy

Bill Hicks Live [Stand-up DVD ]: This stand-up comedy DVD contains everything your parents hate

Bill Hicks reissued on Comedy Dynamics [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Info about re-releases and a couple of new things.

Billy The Mime Just For Laughs 2006 [Live Comedy]: Brilliant.

Bird Splats - Pigeon Poop To Go [Articles]: Great practical joke and gag.

Bis-Ass Box Of Music [Comedy Reviews - CD]: The humor in the songs on Big-Ass Comedy Box is subtle and all in the lyrics

Bizarro - Buccaneers - Nothin' But Pirate Cartoons [Funny Books]: Nothing but pirate one-panel Bizarro cartoons Matey.

Bizarro: This Side of The Far Side [Articles]: Good comic strip

Black By Accident [Stand-up DVD ]: Good, sometimes excellent Comedy Central DVD

Black Dynamite [Comedy Movies]: Excellent comic spoof of 70's blacksploitation movies.

Blind Ambition [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Made our Top Ten comedy for 2012

Blow Your Pants Off [Comedy Reviews - CD]: the songs are very funny and I enjoyed them a lot ... the first time

Blu-ray Comedy Double Feature - Miss Congeniality and Miss Congeniality 2 [Comedy Movies]: Sandra Bullock in fish out of water comedy and in the weak sequel

Blu-ray Comedy Double Feature Analyze This and Analyze That [Comedy Movies]: Shrink Billy Crystal takes on mobster De Niro in 1 good and 1 sequel comedy.

Blu-ray Comedy Double Feature Funny Farm - Spies Like Us [Comedy Movies]: Writer Chevy Chase goes to country to write book and inept spies Chase and Aykroyd get sent on mission

Blue Collar Comedy The Next Generation DVD [Blue Collar Comedy]: Not much there.

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