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Blue Collar TV - The Complete Second Season [Articles]: Season two of this redneck comedy show is better than the first.

Blue Collar TV Season One Volume 1 [Blue Collar Comedy]: get your daily dose of redneck jokes

Blue Collar TV Season One Volume 2 [Blue Collar Comedy]: Redneck comics with their own TV comedy show

Blue Mountain State - Season One [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Very good Spike TV football based sitcom 13 episode 2 DVD set

Blue State [Comedy Movies]: Road movie romantic comedy with a Liberal twist. Not bad.

Bo Burnham - The Comedy Network Dec. 4th 2010 [Articles]: Very good show.

Bo Burnham CD/DVD Set [Comedy Reviews - CD]: If you like musical comedy this Comedy Central CD / DVD set will probably please.

Bo Nanas: Monkey Meets World - John Kovaleski [Funny Books]: your basic innocent soul meets the real world kind of strip

Bob and Doug McKenzie's Two-Four Anniversary [TV & sitcom DVDs]: A documentary style salute to Bob and Doug McKenzie of the Great White North SCTV segment

Bob Newhart Faces Bob Newhart (1964) [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Lesser album with The Man Who Looked Like HItler and Nudist Camp

Bob's Burgers The Complete First Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Hard to swallow cartoon sitcom

Body Slam - MGM Limited Edition Collection [Comedy Movies]: Rock n roll wrestling comedy is a fun enough B-movie

Bollywood Hollywood [Comedy Movies]: romantic comedy is a must see for anyone who is a fan of the genre

Bon Cop Bad Cop [Comedy Movies]: Bon Cop Bad Cop is the greatest hockey comedy and thriller ever made.

Bong of the Dead a zombie comedy [Comedy Movies]: Stoners vs. zombies in fun very low budget movie

Book Of The Dumb Volume 1 [Funny Books]: stories about dumb criminals and other stupid stuff

Bootleg 1 [Stand-up DVD ]: If you are willing to overlook the production values, although the sound quality is just fine, Bootleg l by Ron Shock is a solid comedy DVD.

Bootleg II [Stand-up DVD ]: adds to the pleasure of those already familiar with his comedy CDs

Bored to Death Blu-ray - The Complete First Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Jonathan Ames thinks he is a detective in fun HBO sitcom.

Born to Jog [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Studio recorded humor.

Born: 20 Inches Long [Comedy Reviews - CD]: 40 minutes long and there is not a bad track on the entire independent release comedy CD

Bounty Hunters - Premieres July 17th 10:00 on Comedy Network [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Excellent cartoon featuring Foxworthy et al.

Boxed Wine [Comedy Reviews - CD]: a forty-something suburb dwelling single mom who has lived a little and is a little angry about the experience so far

Boy-Next-Door [Comedy Movies]: features the only stunt goldfish to ever appear in a movie

BPhlat - Quick Profile [Articles]:

Brain Bank [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Even if the sound quality still gets on my nerves, Lisa Best Brain Bank is a CD or MP3 album I strongly recommend to anybody looking for a strong new voice in comedy.

Breakfast In Heaven [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Not available as a stand-up comedy CD but google and ye shall find

Breeder [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent material about parenting and other things but not for the kiddies.

Brevity and True Enough [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Humoristic essay CDs, one live, one in studio.

Brian Regan Live [Comedy Reviews - CD]: This stand-up comedy CD is one of the best choices anyone can make

Bride Wars DVD [Comedy Movies]: Childhood best friends go to war over wedding date and place.

Bring Me To Your Mother - mp3 album [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Good but could have been better indie comedy mp3 album

Bring On The Empty Horses - David Niven [Articles]: David Niven talks about the golden era of Hollywood in this lightly humorous and warm recording.

Bring Out the Monkey [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent stand-up comedy download through comic's website.

Bring Out the Monkey - Joe Schneider review [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Entertaining mp3 download album

Britcom - Just For Laughs Montreal 2010 [Live Comedy]: Very good show, to my utter amazement.

Britcom - Just For Laughs, Montreal 2012 [Live Comedy]: 2012 - Britcom show at Theatre Maisonneuve at the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival

British Cinema Vol. 2 - 5 British Comedy Films [Foreign Comedy]: 5 British comedies from 1953 to 1960. A decent set for Britcom fans.

Brocabulary - The New Man-I-Festo of Dude Talk [Funny Books]: A goof of a book and fun to peruse.

Broken Lizard Stands Up - Live, Extended and Uncensored [Stand-up DVD ]: Should crawl back under its rock.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine City Tuesdays 8:30 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: New cop based situation comedy with Andre Braugher.

Brown and Friendly [Stand-up DVD ]: Good but does not rise about ethnic humor.

Bubba The Redneck Werewolf [Comedy Movies]: there are more good jokes and funny bits than the 80 minutes of this great comedy.

Bubbling With Laughter - 2007 Just For Laughs Montreal International Comedy Festival [Live Comedy]:

Bubbling with Laughter - Club Soda - July 14, 08 [Live Comedy]: A review of the July 14th Bubbling with Laughter show at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal.

Bubbling With Laughter - Just For Laughs Montreal July 13th 2010 [Live Comedy]: Very very good buffet style stand-up comedy show.

Bubbling With Laughter Just For Laughs 2006 [Live Comedy]: A Just For Laughs stand-up comedy show that never dissapoints.

Buckle Up! [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Good stand-up comedy CD if a bit out of sync material wise.

Buffalo 66 [Comedy Movies]: no need for a suicide note; leave this DVD in plain sight

Built For Destruction [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Almost absolutely solid edgy insult comedy CD.

Bunk - The Comedy Network starting July 26th 12:30 a.m. [Articles]: Game Show parody made in 2012 that lasted all 7 episodes

Burn After Reading - Coen Brothers [Comedy Movies]: The Coen Brothers take on the spy / political thriller with their usual cast of suspects.

Burned! The Roasts' Most Outrageous Moments - The Comedy Network 09-19-09 10 P.M. [Articles]: Warned over roasts.

Burnt [Comedy Reviews - CD]: So many original stand-up routines it is ridiculous

Business Johnson [Articles]: Guys on a front porch tell tall tales: original and really funny.

Busy Being Awesome [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Good, original stand-up CD

Butcher [Comedy Reviews - CD]: unique and relatable. It is also funny as hell.

C'mon It's Jokes [Comedy Reviews - CD]: C'mon It's Jokes is a great addition to a comedy CD collection and a great gift for any comedy fan.

Caddyshack Blu-ray [Comedy Movies]: Classic golf comedy. Blu-ray has 2 long features on the movie.

Caffeinated [Comedy Reviews - CD]: A variety pack CD of different comedy genres fans of Woody Allen will probably appreciate.

Caffeine [Comedy Movies]: Decaffeinated.

Caligula [Comedy Reviews - CD]: this will be one of the best comedy CDs of 2013.

Caligula [Stand-up DVD ]: bound to be one of the best of 2013.

Call me Bwana - Bob Hope [Comedy Movies]: Fun comedy with Bob Hope as fake African explorer out for missing rocket.

Call Me Russell - Russell Peters Autobiography [Funny Books]: Interesting, good read, but not particularly profound.

Calm, Cool, & Collected [Comedy Reviews - CD]: a solid comedy CD that easily survives a few listenings

Can A Brother Get Some Love - Richard Lanoie review [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Good, better after you figure out what this stand-up comic is mumbling

Can A Brother Get Some Love? [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Pretty entertaining comedy MP3 album to a casual listener

Can We Afford This Much Despair? [Comedy Reviews - CD]: There is something slightly off kilter and unusual about his material that makes his rather standard range of topics more interesting and the performance definitely worth your while.

Can You Drill A Hole Through Your Head And Survive? [Funny Books]: Cool factoid book. A cross between Uncle John and Imponderables with a more scientific twist

Canada - Wilby Wonderful [Foreign Comedy]: Human angst omedy from Canada far superior to most English Canadian films.

Candorville: Thank God For Culture Clash - Darrin Bell [Funny Books]: Candorville can more than stand on its own

Captain Miserable - HBO Press Release [Articles]:

Captain Miserable - HBO Special and DVD [Stand-up DVD ]:

Car 54 Where Are You? The Complete First Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Excellent and very original sixties sitcom in pristine condition 30 episodes 4 DVD

Cardio Mix [Comedy Reviews - CD]: 4 different comics make for good comedy mp3 album.

Carol's Favorites - Carol Burnett The Ultimate Collection DVD Set [Articles]: Excellent 22 DVD 50 episode set of classic seventies comedy entertainment show.

Cars [Comedy Movies]: Lightning McQueen, a hotshot rookie race car driven to succeed, discovers that life is about the journey

Casual Encounters [Comedy Movies]: romcom about a guy who gets dumped and under pressure from work buddies gets on a dating site and goes through various strange dates

Catalyst For Change [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Just plain weird.

Catharsis [Stand-up DVD ]: Offensive butt funny

Cats Made Of Rabbits - CD Version - Joe Schneider [Comedy Reviews - CD]: there are a few amusing lines

Cats Made of Rabbits DVD version [Stand-up DVD ]: Good stand-up with a few flaws

CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival - Episode 6 April 13 09 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Very good episode of stand-up comedy about kids.

CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival - Game On - 03-23-09 [Articles]: All sports related stand-up comedy show hosted by hockey Hall of Famer

CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival - Show 2 03-16-2009 [Articles]: Mike Wilmot hosts a medecine themed show with Simon Rakoff, Brad Muise, and Darrell Dennis

CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival Episode 4 03-30-2009 [Articles]: 4th of 6 shows in the 2008 series features stand-up comedy about travel.

CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival Episode 5 04/06/09 9:30 P.M. [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Not as good as the others in the series but decent stand-up anyways

Cdbaby [Articles]: We have reviewed a number of independent comics who do business through a cool outfit called Cdbaby. Our experience so far is that the independent comedy cds we get are high quality products.

Cedar Rapids Blu-ray [Comedy Movies]: Much better than trailer comedy about a mild mannered guy coming out of his shell.

Celebrity Deathmatch [Articles]: Plasticine animation of some stars but mostly nobodies featured in violent wrestling matches.

Champion [Comedy Reviews - CD]: overall a solid mp3 album but its scope in terms of tone leaves the listener feeling off-kilter.

Chaos For The Weary [Comedy Reviews - CD]: an excellent set by a great up-and-coming comedian

Chappelle Show Season One - Dave Chappelle [TV & sitcom DVDs]: intelligent and funny 2 DVD set.

Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Winters does not read but instead performs this Christmas classic

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory [Comedy Movies]: a darkly funny movie definitely worth a look

Charmageddon - The Comedy Network Nov 10th 9 P.M. [Articles]: Very good stand-up comedy special.

Cheap Drunk: An Autobiography [Blue Collar Comedy]: funny jokes by a solid stand up comic

Cheaper by the Dozen 2 Blu-ray [Comedy Movies]: Decent sequel comedy but nothing special.

Checking Out [Comedy Movies]: Very good comedy movie DVD with Peter Falk as a thespian on the way out.

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