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Community Season 4 - City TV starting Feb 7th 8 p.m. [Articles]:

Community The Complete Fifth Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Five seasons in and Community is still a fun to watch sitcom.

Complaints And Grievances [Comedy Reviews - CD]: This Carlin CD is just Bitching and Moaning By An Old Fart.

Completely Normal [Comedy Reviews - CD]: For my money, Segura is one of the best comics working today.

Completely Serious [Stand-up DVD ]: This stand-up comedy DVD is darkly whimsical indeed.

Confessions Of A Married Mind [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Confessions of a Married Mind consists of various clips from various appearances Andrew Grose made over the past couple of years or so at Just For Laughs, the Comedy Network, Mike Bullard

Confessions of a Shopaholic [Comedy Movies]: Fun romantic comedy DVD is somewhat predictable but also original and funny.

Confetti [Comedy Movies]: 3 couples compete for a dream wedding in British mockumentary.

Congrats On Your Success [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Well over 50% of this stand-up comedy CD is very entertaining and very funny

Congrats On Your Success [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Funny but banal.

Contextually Inadequate [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Comedy CD is excellent through and through.

Controlled Chaos [Stand-up DVD ]: Could have been good but just redneck racist by the end.

Conventional Weapons [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Solid release by a wide-ranging comic.

Conversations With Carlin [Funny Books]: 2001 interview where the author asked Carlin all the right questions. Very interesting and revealing.

Conversations With Inanimate Objects [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Gary Gulman kills

Cop Out Blu-ray and DVD [Comedy Movies]: Too violent and disjointed to be a good cop comedy but watchable.

Cops and Robbersons - Comedy 20 Movie Collection [Comedy Movies]: I forgot how much fun Cops and Robbersons is. This comedy stars Jack Palance as a detective and Chevy Chase as a family man whose house and family is taken over for a stake out.

Corner Gas - It's Been a Gas [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Nice send-off show for the only great Canadian situation comedy.

Corner Gas - Season 6 DVD Set [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Last season of the greatest Canadian situation comedy ever.

Corner Gas 100th Episode CTV 03/02/09 9:30 P.M. [Articles]: 100th episode of great Canadian situation comedy.

Corner Gas Season 3 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Greatest Canadian situation comedy ever with Brent Butt

Corner Gas Season 4 DVD Set [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Season 4 of Corner Gas DVD set includes the table hockey episode and 28 other shows. Great stuff.

Corner Gas Season 5 CTV and Comedy Network 2007-08 Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Great Canadian sitcom airs Mondays 9:30 on CTV network.

Cornucopias Are Actually Horrible Containers [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Wang s comedy style can be described as observational, with a focus on pointing out the absurdities of life.

Corpse Bride [Comedy Movies]: dark horror comedy DVD that belongs right next to the player

Cosby And The Kids [Comedy Reviews - CD]: The best Bill Cosby stand-up comedy CD compilation.

Costco Commercial [Comedy Movies]: A movie about Costco

Cougar Town - The Complete First Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Recently divorced forty-something deals with life and friends in fun sitcom DVD set

Crazy People - Dudley Moore and Darryl Hannah [Comedy Movies]: The greatest ad business comedy ever. Brilliant.

Crazy, Stupid Love Blu-ray DVD Combo [Comedy Movies]: Very original romantic comedy with Steve Carell

Cream of Comedy - The Comedy Network 03-01-09 10 P.M. [Articles]: 2008 showdown showcase of new Canadian stand-up comics.

Creature Comforts [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Creature Comforts: brilliant claymation or plasticine animation series

Creature Comforts - Merry Christmas Everybody [TV & sitcom DVDs]: A brilliant Creature Comforts Christmas Special DVD

Creature Comforts - Merry Christmas Everybody [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Great Christmas DVD from Aardman Studios home of Wallace and Grommit

Creature Comforts - The Complete Second Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: 12 episodes and Creature Comforts Christmas show. Brilliant

Creature Comforts America [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Aardman animation show travels better than Guiness.

Creature Comforts America - The Complete First Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Brilliant Aardman Claymation makes it to American and gets even better and edgier.

Crime Spree [Comedy Movies]: As messy as a mob hit.

Critic's Darling [Comedy Reviews - CD]: he's good and those are catchy tunes.

Crooked Hearts [Comedy Movies]: Dysfunctional movie about a dysfunctional family.

Crossing Delancey [Comedy Movies]: A great romantic comedy finally available on DVD in the it's about time category.

Cupcakes & Potpourri [Comedy Reviews - CD]: misogynistic

Cure For The Cable Guy [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Decent comedy CD by young comic

Curse Of The Jade Scorpion - Woody Allen [Comedy Movies]: Good Woody Allen crime comedy

Cut Above Stupid [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent easy listening clean comedy but not for the whole family.

Cutting [Comedy Reviews - CD]: comedy mp3 download only should come as a CD

Cutting Edge Comedians of the 60s and 70s - Full Review [Stand-up DVD ]: DVD with rare TV clips of comedy greats like Cosby, Newhart, Carlin, etc

Cutting Edge Comedians of the 60s and 70s DVD - Capsule Review [Stand-up DVD ]: Great Stand-up comedy TV clip collection.

Cyrus [Comedy Movies]: Creepy romantic comedy.

Czechoslovakia - I Served the King of England [Foreign Comedy]: Absolutely charming, offbeat, and cinematic foreign comedy.

Czechoslovakia - Lemonade Joe / Limonadovy Joe aneb Konska Opera [Foreign Comedy]: the weirdest western comedy on DVD

Czechoslovakia - Who Wants To Kill Jessie? [Foreign Comedy]: Fun little Czech comedy

Da Ali G Show [TV & sitcom DVDs]: da bomb .... scratch that, a bomb

Dad - This Joke's For You [Funny Books]: Great Father's Day gift

Daddy Day Camp [Comedy Movies]: Follow-up to Daddy Day Care is not worth it.

Daddy Day Care - Eddie Murphy [Comedy Movies]: fun little movie the whole family can enjoy

Daddy Issues [Comedy Reviews - CD]: is a keeper and the kind of MP3 comedy album you keep on top of your rotation.

Dancing Alone - Album 9 of 12 [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Good but not great if you like long form or clean stand-up.

Dane Cook - The Lost Pilots DVD [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Dane Cook in two different situation comedy pilot episodes: are they real or a joke? Hard to tell.

Dangerously Delicious $5 Download [Stand-up DVD ]: Ansariís new special is hilarious, and I personally really like this new distribution method

Danny Roane First Time Director [Comedy Movies]: explains "You know Dick about making a movie"

Dare To Be Stupid [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Funny songs, like any kind of music, is a matter of taste.

Dark Shadows - 2012 [Comedy Movies]: After two hundred years in the grave Barnabas Collins rises from the dead to renew his families fortunes and take revenge on the witch who turned him into a vampire.

Dark Star [Comedy Movies]: cult sci-fi comedy student film by John Carpenter

Darkside - Flying Solo Series - Just For Laughs 2006 [Live Comedy]: Fun and dark musical comedy

Date Movie [Comedy Movies]: Funny spoof of chick flick comedy movies

Date Night [Comedy Movies]: Couple gets in trouble on their weekly night out. Fun romantic comedy.

Date Night [Comedy Movies]: Couple's night out gets out of hand in pretty good romantic comedy DVD

Date Night - The Relationship Show - Just For Laughs 2013 [Live Comedy]: An excellent evening of comedy. One of Just For Laughs safest bests.

Date Night Blu-ray [Comedy Movies]: Couple from the burbs become fun fish out of the water in NYC

Dave Barry's Complete Guide To Guys The Movie [Comedy Movies]: a mockumentary comedy that is almost a documentary

Dave Blu-ray [Comedy Movies]: Lookalike Dave becomes President in fun political comedy.

David Pryde - Ernie Butler's Comedy Nest [Live Comedy]: Solid.

Day Drinker [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Good self-release mp3 comedy album

Dead Inside [Stand-up DVD ]: Nasty and funny stand-up comedy by a master of the genre.

Dead Pet [Comedy Movies]: has every single thing people hate about independent movies

Dear Dad: Letters From An Adult Child [Funny Books]: an epistolary autobiography of sorts by a good comic

Death at a Funeral - U.S. Version [Comedy Movies]: Decent comedy with too much going on for any real pay off.

Death at a Funeral Blu-ray - British Version [Comedy Movies]: The original remade later with Chris Rock

Debut Second Album [Comedy Reviews - CD]: If you pay good money to get his Debut Second Album MP3 at his website you will not only get thirty-some minutes of solid stand-up but the money will go to Alex s Place in Oak Bluffs, MA so you can feel good about donating too.

Deck the Halls - Broderick / De Vito [Comedy Movies]: Christmas turkey

Deck The Halls - Carteris / Culp [Comedy Movies]: Decent Christmas movie DVD

Deep In The Heart Of Texas [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Another great comedy CD by a master.

Delete This At Your Peril - Bob Servant [Funny Books]: Scottish nutter asnwers Nigerian 419 emailers and suckers them in.

Delivery [Comedy Movies]: Guy and his pals decide to try stand-up and make a movie about it. Kind of interesting.

Delocated! [TV & sitcom DVDs]:

Delta Farce [Comedy Movies]: Delta Farce puts the VD in DVD

Denmark - Adam's Apples / Adams Aebler [Foreign Comedy]: An extremely dark and unusual comedy. Totally different.

Dennis Leary's Merry F#%$in' Chritmas - The Comedy Network Dec. 6th, 8th, and 24th 10 P.M. [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Good Christmas special, especially when Leary is not there.

Der Humor [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Ventriloquist voiced one-liners 150 of them and very funny.

Despicable [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent dirty stand-up comedy

Despicable Me [Comedy Movies]: The world's number one super villain has been out maneuvered by a johnny come lately and seeks to recapture his throne.

Detention [Comedy Movies]: Odd but entertaining teen movie mashup comedy

Dhanny Bhoy - 2007 Just For Laughs Montreal International Comedy Festival [Live Comedy]: A mazing trip through a Scot comic's mind.

Diary Of A Mad Black Woman [Comedy Movies]: Not a diary you want to open

Dick - Kirsten Dunst [Comedy Movies]: Two teen girls stumble upon Watergate and into the Nixon White House. Fun little comedy.

Dick Gregory On: [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Black activist stand-up comic turned fat farmer

Did You Hear About the Morgans? [Comedy Movies]: Fun little romantic comedy.

Dignity Under Duress [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Different and very good female stand-up comic

Dilation [Comedy Reviews - CD]: a quality comedian that needs to find his comedy voice

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