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Dignity Under Duress [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Different and very good female stand-up comic

Dilation [Comedy Reviews - CD]: a quality comedian that needs to find his comedy voice

Dirty Girl CD [Comedy Reviews - CD]: This Queen of Mean CD is tighter than the DVD

Dirty Girl DVD [Stand-up DVD ]: 65 minutes of insult comedy by the queen of mean

Dirty Jokes [Comedy Reviews - CD]: the most complete collection of the filthiest jokes ever told

Dirty Jokes DVD [Stand-up DVD ]: All dirty jokes by the master of the dirty joke closes with The Aristocrats

Disappointed In You [Comedy Reviews - CD]: comedy mp3 album and CD leaves no doubt Thompson is a very good comic.

Disasturbation [Comedy Reviews - CD]: that s what I call one hell of a good comedy MP3 album

Do Not Adjust Your Set [TV & sitcom DVDs]: a bit of a holy grail for those who like Monty Python

Do You Believe in Gosh? [Comedy Reviews - CD]: 2005 off-the-cuff comedy CD features Hedberg in fine form.

Do Your Shows Always Suck? [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Sucks is the key word for this stand-up comedy CD

Dodgeball Unrated Blu-ray - Vince Vaughn [Comedy Movies]: A movie about dodgeball. Pretty good lowbrow comedy.

Does This Need To Be Said? [Stand-up DVD ]: Solid but meandering set with adult language.

Dog Stories [Comedy Reviews - CD]: a definite must for any fan of funny stories and stand-up comedy

Dog Years [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Dog Years is a decent independent release comedy CD

Doin' It Again [Stand-up DVD ]: George Carlin is not always absolutely brilliant on Doin' It Again, the DVD version

Doing My Time [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Not my favorite Jim Gaffigan CD mostly because of the sound quality.

Don Rickles Speaks! [Comedy Reviews - CD]: not a hockey puck

Don t Shake A Baby [Comedy Reviews - CD]: a comic I look forward to hearing more from and would pay to see live.

Don t Trust The B---- In Apartment 23 - Premieres April 11th ABC [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Very good new situation comedy

Don t Wake the Bear [Comedy Reviews - CD]: an excellent stand-up comedy CD you never get tired of playing.

Don Tjernagel - Comic of the Week 01 [Articles]: Our first comic of the week for 2007

Don't Ask Don't Tell [Comedy Movies]: Refriend Films version of Killers From Space

Don't Ever Touch Anybody You Don't Know [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very entertaining Blue Collar Comedy style

Don't Force It - Album 12 of 12 [Comedy Reviews - CD]: One of the better ones. Features a track about a slow uncle and a routine about Christmas

Don't Make Him Angry - DVD [Stand-up DVD ]: Decent comedy special by better than this comic

Don't Make Him Angry DVD [Stand-up DVD ]: Better see Koy live.

Donald Trump's Hair [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Kasey Jones' third CD of humourous songs. Worth the listen even if there are a few bordering on the shrill.

Donzilla [Comedy Reviews - CD]: This is not for the comedic faint of heart

Douchebags and Donuts [Stand-up DVD ]: Very good Comedy Central special with Whitney Cummings, Lenny Clarke, and Adam Ferrara.

Doug E. Fresh Hosting Crown Royal Bad Boys Of Comedy Tour [Comedy Business]:

Down On Your Lucky Charms [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Good stuff.

Down To Earth - Chris Rock [Comedy Movies]: mercifully short comedy

Down With the Brown [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very good ethnic comedy CD

Dr. Dolittle - Tail to the Chief [Comedy Movies]: Can daughter live up to father's image in fourth Dr. Dolittle movie. Good family movie

Dr. Ravi And Mr. Hyde [Comedy Movies]: Fun, original, interesting, slightly flawed yet fun to watch independent comedy movie DVD

Dragon Tales - Let's Be Brave [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Dragon Tales is a great children's DVD

Drawn Together - The Complete Collection [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Big Brother TV show meets 8 animated and very adult characters. Great fun if you like adult humor and situations.

Drawn Together Season 3 - The Comedy Network [Articles]: Season 3 of Big Brother meets the cartoon world. Better than it used to be.

Dress Your Family In Corduroy And Denim - The Ultimate David Sedaris Box Set [Funny Books]: More personal and not as caustic essays and stories by David Sedaris in 5 CD audio book set.

Drillbit Taylor - Owen Wilson [Comedy Movies]: Crap

Drive By Comedy [Comedy Reviews - CD]: a pretty good sample style audio book comedy CD

Drive! - Zits Sketchbook 14 [Funny Books]: Another great collection and a great gift idea for any new driver.

Driving Lessons [Comedy Movies]: British darkish comedy echoes Harold and Maude.

Drop Dead Sexy [Comedy Movies]: Really funny, dark comedy. Weekend at Bernies meets Raising Arizona.

Drowning Mona - Bette Midler and Danny DeVito [Comedy Movies]: bargain bin comedy dvd and there it should have stayed

Drunk History - Comedy Network - Starts July 9th 10:00 [Articles]: Fun show where drunk actor tells a bit of history

Drunk History Season 4 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Real drunk semi-celebrities present various historical events in odd but entertaining comedy show.

Drunk History Seasons 1 and 2 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Drunk C-list celebrities retell important American historical moments. Fun and silly.

Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre 30th Anniversary [Stand-up DVD ]: features their classic, funny sketches honed over a long career.

Due Date Blu-ray DVD Digital Copy Combo [Comedy Movies]: Bad remake of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

Dumb It Down For The Masses [Comedy Reviews - CD]: for those who like their comedy when it bites them in the ass

Duplex - Drew Barrymoore and Ben Stiller [Comedy Movies]: decent second rental kind of comedy

Dusty And Lefty The Lives Of The Cowboys [Comedy Reviews - CD]: 6 complete stories on this 10-track cowboy comedy CD

Earth, The Book - A Visitor s Guide to the Human Race [Funny Books]: Fun take on humans.

Eastbound & Down HBO 10:30 Starting 01-15-09 [Articles]: Strange HBO show that may or may not make it.

Eat Here and Get Gas [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very good, original, varied comedy by (gay) comic.

Edge City [Funny Books]: Good comic strip aobut a Jewish American family

Editorial - George Carlin Receives Mark Twain Prize [Articles]: About time Carlin got the Mark Twain but guest list is rather questionable

El Mas Chingon [Comedy Reviews - CD]: El Mas Chingon is the third stand-up comedy CD by George Lopez

Elect To Laugh [Comedy Reviews - CD]: You really should vote for this political comedy CD

Elephant in the Room [Stand-up DVD ]: Comedy Central special starts out strong but fades soon after

Elf Orgy [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very enjoyable mp3 album

Ella Enchanted [Comedy Movies]: charming, frequently funny

Elvis Has Left The Building - Kim Basinger [Comedy Movies]: greal little comedy

Emotional Terrorism [Stand-up DVD ]: Excellent DVD from the nastiest, funniest, and very smart comic.

Emotionally Unavailable [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Emotionally Unavailable, the independent release stand-up comedy CD by Bill Burr, is absolutely solid.

Enchanted [Comedy Movies]: When Giselle finds herself magically removed from the fairy tale world to the real world the meaning of love and happily ever after start to change.

England - Bomber [Foreign Comedy]: Adult son goes on road trip with elderly parents in odd comedy

England - British Cinema Comedy Collection DVD 1 [Foreign Comedy]: Fun enough first DVD with a Goon movie and 2 more.

England - British Cinema Comedy Collection DVD 2 [Foreign Comedy]: 6 late fifties British comedy films on 2 DVD some good, some not so good.

England - Getting It Right - MGM Limited Edition Collection [Foreign Comedy]: Odd romantic comedy with Helena Bonham Carter in supporting role

England - Tamara Drewe Blu-ray [Foreign Comedy]: Romantic comedy of manners loosely based on Thomas Hardy novel

England - The Bed Sitting Room - MGM Limited Edition Collection [Foreign Comedy]: Very odd British comedy with Goons, Peter Cook, Dudley Moore,

English Majors A comedy collection for the highly literate [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Perfect gift for the college graduate and funny too.

Envy - Jack Black and Ben Stiller [Comedy Movies]: second rental for an evening at home

EP [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Makes you want more as soon as possible.

Equal Opportunity Offender: The Best Of Lisa Lampanelli [Comedy Reviews - CD]: only good as an introduction to excellent insult comic

Ethnic Heroes of Comedy - Just For Laughs 2009 [Live Comedy]: A very good stand-up comedy buffet show.

Europa [Comedy Reviews - CD]: is a very funny take on modern society and its many hypocrisies and foibles.

Even More Pretty Good Jokes 2CD set [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Best of the last 3 years of the Prairie Home Companion Joke Show

Every Man I've Loved Is Either Married Gay Or Dead Kacey Jones Live [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Funny, cutting, quick as a whip Kacey Jones clearly has a close rapport with her audience

Every Word Is Absolutely True - HBO April 30th 7:30 [Articles]: Part bio, part documentary, part comedy special. Odd but interesting.

Everybody Wants To Be Italian [Comedy Movies]: Single guy Jake things single gal Marisa is Italian and vice versa and they are both looking for love.

Everyone Loves A Smug Bastard [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Solid independent release comedy CD

Everything Bad & Beautiful [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Good small label comedy CD of sorts by an original artiste.

Everything I Need To Know I Learned on Jerry Springer - A Close To Home Collection [Funny Books]: 2007 Close to Home Collection by John McPherson proves he still has it.

Evil Monkey [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Some days this is a funny comedy CD, some days it is not. Go figure.

Evolution - The Best of Slagle Vol. 1 [Comedy Reviews - CD]: a solid bang for your entertainment dollar.

Explosion Land [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Brilliant Superb Extraordinary comedy CD

Exporting Raymond [Comedy Movies]: Situation comedy is universal so Everybody Loves Raymond goes to Russia

Extras - Season Finale - The Comedy Network [Articles]: 2 Hour Series Finale of Ricky Gervais' hit Extras. A bit long but a lot of fun.

Extras - The Comedy Network [Articles]: BBC / HBO situation comedy about wannabe actor played by Rickt Gervais.

Extreme Movie - Unrated [Comedy Movies]: Very funny and original comedy spoofing the teen sex movie.

Extreme Wind-Ups [Articles]:

F Troop The Complete First Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Fun if somewhat dated television comedy about cowboys and Indians

F**k The Disabled [Stand-up DVD ]: Profile / comedy performance of gay, disabled comic Greg Walloch

Falling Off The Bone [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very good comedy CD

Family - The Complete First and Second Seasons [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Family is a quality, realistic family drama.

Family Comedy CDs [Articles]: Recommendations of family-friendly comedy CDs

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