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Family Guy - Partial Terms of Endearment [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Sitcom episode was too controversial and too adult to air and is very good.

Family Guy Something Something Something Dark Side Blu-ray [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Fun take on Empire Strikes Back or some other Star Wars epic

Family Guy Volume 8 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Mostly very good episodes with a couple of great ones

Family Guy Volume 9 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: 13 Episodes 3 DVD includes the hour long mystery And The There Were Fewer

Family Highs [Comedy Reviews - CD]:

Far From Finished - Blu-ray [Stand-up DVD ]: Brilliant. The video version includes a forty-eight minute interview but not the two bonus tracks from the CD

Far From Finished CD Version [Comedy Reviews - CD]: The Master is in fine form and old school.

Farce of the Penguins [Comedy Movies]: March of the Penguins leftover footage on drugs. Pretty good.

Fargo Blu-ray [Comedy Movies]: Oscar winning black comedy by the Coen Brothers

Fast-Acting, Long-Lasting Bathroom Reader [Funny Books]: the best collection of factoids and weird stuff you did not know

Fat Albert - Keenan Thompson [Comedy Movies]: Television cartoon characters meet real life

Father Knows Best 2007 Calendar [Funny Books]: 2007 Calendar, perfect gag gift for dad.

Feelin' Kinda Patton [Comedy Reviews - CD]: this comedy CD definitely stands out

Feeling Minnesota [Comedy Movies]: Weird dark comedy DVD Coen brothers style

Fervent, Uncouth, Callous, & Kinky [Comedy Reviews - CD]: If, like myself, you enjoy comics with adult audience material, you are going to really like Sabo.

Fictoids - Bill Dutcher [Funny Books]: a fun little book

Fido - Zombie Comedy [Comedy Movies]: Lassie meets the zombie movie or a boy and his zombie comedy

Fifty Pills [Comedy Movies]: Not bad independent movie, especially as it does not aim for gross-out and T & A Jokes.

Film Geek - Independent Film - Comedy [Comedy Movies]: Fun independent comedy about a film geek and video store clerk

Filthy [Stand-up DVD ]: Comic burns Qu ran on stage and lesser material.

Filthy, Funny, and Totally Offensive - Joke Book [Funny Books]: Some 400 dirty jokes by 350 different people. Nasty, nasty stuff and great fun.

Final Approach - 2011 [Comedy Reviews - CD]: More of a curiosity for Winters long-time fans.

Final Engagement [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Are you afraid of the dark? This comic certainly is not.

Finding the Funny [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very funny even if she does not reinvent anything.

Finest Hour [Comedy Reviews - CD]: If you’re a real fan of stand-up comedy, this album is a must buy.

Fired Up! [Comedy Movies]: Teen comedy where 2 jocks decide to become cheerleaders to get lucky.

First Daughter - Michael Keaton and Katie Holmes [Comedy Movies]: Comedy good enough to make you forget you are on Air Canada

First Sunday [Comedy Movies]: 2 idiots try to rob a church. Good performances in a badly written movie.

Fixer-Upper [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Fixer-Upper is excellent if a bit short

Flat TV [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Sketch comedy CD by Saturday Night Live / Simpsons star

Flight of the Conchords [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Excellent funny song CD.

Flight of the Conchords The Complete Second Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Fun HBO situation comedy.

Flight of the Conchords Season One - The Comedy Network [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Season one of this situation comedy features Bret and Jemaine breaking into song whenever they feel like it

Flippin' Through The Channels [Comedy Reviews - CD]: This is a solid comedy CD

Flipzophrenic [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Flipzophrenic shows a comic in very fine form who has as much fun on stage as the audience has watching him and as you will listening to this excellent comedy album.

Flying Solo At Just For Laughs [Articles]:

Flying Solo Series - Just For Laughs Comedy Festival 2008 [Articles]: Who is where in the 2008 One-man show Just For Laughs series

Follow My Ass [Comedy Reviews - CD]: a solid twelve-minute set on a fifty-some minutes comedy CD.

Food, Medicine, and a Surprising Amount of Math [Comedy Reviews - CD]: covers a lot of unexplored comedic ground

Fool Disclosure [Comedy Reviews - CD]: JJ Whitehead Fool Disclosure is a keeper.

For Better Or For Worse - Home Sweat Home [Funny Books]: Best FBOFW Lynn Johnston collection in the last 3-4 years. Lots of changes in the Patterson home.

For Better Or For Worse - Just A Simple Wedding [Funny Books]: Final For Better or For Worse collection. All is well that ends well.

For Better Or For Worse - Never Wink At A Worried Woman [Funny Books]: A For Better Or For Worse collection

For Better Or For Worse - Senior's Discount [Funny Books]: 2007 For Better Or For Worse Collection shows Lynn Johnston at the top of her game.

For Better Or For Worse - She's Turning Into One Of Them [Funny Books]: 25th For Better Or For Worse Collection is okay

For Better Or For Worse -Teaching Is A Learning Experience [Funny Books]: For Better Or For Worse Collection by Lynn Johnston, 2007 version

For Brian Out Loud [Comedy Reviews - CD]: is going to make our top 10 list for 2015 (when I get around to it).

For What It's Worth [Stand-up DVD ]: It's worth about a buck twenty five.

For Your Consideration [Comedy Movies]: If you are considerate you will not even consider it.

Forbidden Comedy Of Don [Comedy Reviews - CD]: stand-up comedy for adults

Forgetting Sarah Marshall [Comedy Movies]: Fun romantic comedy for adults.

Four Weddings and a Funeral Blu-ray [Comedy Movies]: Fun existential British romantic comedy on Blu-ray

FoxTrot - And When She Opened The Closet Door, All The Clothes Were Polyester [Funny Books]: Last Foxtrot collection as Bill Amend calls it quits from the dailies.

FoxTrot - Math, Science, and Unix Underpants [Funny Books]: FoxTrot strips relating to math and science. Fun for all, great nerd gift.

Foxtrot : Houston, You Have A Problem [Funny Books]: The last Foxtrot collection featuring daily comic strips.

FoxTrot Sundaes - A FoxTrot Collection by Bill Amend [Funny Books]: Collection of Bill Amend's Sunday cartoons is lots of fun.

FoxTrot: How Come I'm Always Luigi? - Bill Amend [Funny Books]: Foxtrot comic strip gains by being in a book

FoxTrot: My Hot Dog Went Out - Bill Amend [Funny Books]: A successful comic strip has to appeal to a vast majority of readers

Foxworthy's Big Night Out [Blue Collar Comedy]: Foxworthy's Big Night Out is Blue Collar TV sans the sidekicks and with country music

France - Alexandre le Bienheureux [Foreign Comedy]: Great French comedy DVD on the importance of enjoying life.

France - Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis / Welcome to the Sticks [Foreign Comedy]: Foreign film comedy where a postmaster learns to love life in the shticks

France - Delicatessen - By the director of Amelie [Foreign Comedy]: Very black comedy and foreign film DVD from France. Funny as hell too.

France - Jean-Philippe French Comedy [Foreign Comedy]: Very good French comedy DVD with Johnny Halliday

France - Laisse tes mains sur tes hanches [Foreign Comedy]: Decent French romantic comedy.

France - Le Diner de Cons / The Dinner Game [Foreign Comedy]: a great French comedy DVD with perfect writing

France - Le Jouet /The Toy Pierre Richard [Foreign Comedy]: Man is hired to be rich kid's toy. Original French comedy version of Pryor's dreadful The Toy

France - Le Pere Noel Est Une Ordure [Foreign Comedy]: Foreign film comedy from France. A farce set on Christmas Eve in a suicide hotline's office

France - Le Petit Monde de Don Camillo [Foreign Comedy]: a charming classic French Italian comedy

France - Prete-moi ta main / I Do or How To Get Married And Stay Single [Foreign Comedy]: Single finds wife so he can stay single

France - Sex Is Comedy [Foreign Comedy]: unless the French are making a movie about it.

France - The Chateau [Foreign Comedy]: Ugly looking movie telling the wrong story

France - The Holy Child / Le divin enfant [Foreign Comedy]: Father Marc discovers he is a father. Smart, funny French movie.

France - They Came Back / Les Revenants [Foreign Comedy]: a boring, humorless, and verbose movie about zombies.

France - Times Have Been Better / Le ciel sur la tete [Foreign Comedy]: Prodigal son comes out to petit bourgeois liberal left-wing parents. They will never be the same again.

Frank TV - TBS Tuesdays 11 P.M. [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Very good sketch comedy TV show. Caliendo is a great impersonator

Frankenhood [Comedy Movies]: Great basketball player dead on his feet in fun bro' comedy.

Frankie Boyle Live [Stand-up DVD ]: Outrageous Scottish stand-up comedy and comic.

Frazz - 99% Perspiration - Jef Mallett [Funny Books]: A really cool comic strip and cartoon collection.

Freakazoid Season 1 [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Good cartoon Jim Carrey fans will especially appreciate.

Freaked Out [Comedy Reviews - CD]: More serious, a bit more mature language, still very funny stand-up comic.

Freaky Friday Lohan - Curtis Version [Comedy Movies]: Good remake of a good comedy

Fred Claus - Vince Vaughn [Comedy Movies]: Vince Vaughn plays the title character in this Christmas DVD about Santa's jealous brother.

Frequently Asked Questions About Women [Comedy Reviews - CD]: A very unconventional yet life-saving comedy CD

Fresh Air Laughs [Comedy Reviews - CD]: a must have for the serious comedy fan

Fresh Brewed Eddie [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very good rerelease. CD comes with bonus comedy DVD

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air The Complete 6th Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: Last season of this sitcom is a bit stale but fun enough. 24 episodes 3 DVD

Friended To Death - Opens May 2nd [Comedy Movies]: Very entertaining small budget comedy.

Friends - The Complete Tenth Season [TV & sitcom DVDs]: a nice goodbye if you are a fan

Friends With Kids Blu-ray [Comedy Movies]: Fun modern romantic comedy but ending cops out.

Friggen Comedy Network Presents [Comedy Reviews - CD]: C.J. Goodearl The Box Set 95 -96 features the early radio comedy work of C.J. Goodearl of the Moe Fugger comedy CD team.

From Across the Street [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Caustic stand-up not for the faint of heart.

From Ashy to Classy [Stand-up DVD ]: Excellent, varied, original funny, almost but not clean comedy

From Heaven [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Mild mannered comic with absurd look on life. Really different, good stuff.

Fubar [Comedy Movies]: Real weird movie, eh?

Fuck aka F**k [Comedy Movies]: Fundamentally Uninteresting Crappy Kluge so parochial only Americans will be interested.

Full Time Magic [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Nate Bargatze is awesome. Seriously awesome. And he has a new album out called “Full Time Magic,” released by Comedy Central Records. Are you still reading this? Just go buy it. You won’t regret it.

Fulltime Funny Part-Time Ethnic [Live Comedy]: The 2012 Ethnic Show at Club Soda

Fun [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Two guys doing improv dockside. Fun if you appreciate the genre.

Fun House [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Very good CD even ten years later.

Fun House - 2009 Reissue [Comedy Reviews - CD]: Still funny 10 years later.

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